Marcus Hansson pictures, a type of a photo collage, leaves me no peace. The extraordinary combinations of different pictorial elements are both provocative and natural, simultaneously evident and unintelligible. Marcus Hansson pictures disturbs me, in a positive way.
— Håkan Nilsson, Dagens Nyheter

 the whole of  the LOVE SONG series consist of 95 photos. Size width 120 cm,  length vary up to 300 cm 


There is consistently something inexplicable, mystical and often hideous, about the pictures; They depict a plausible everyday existence, which has been processed in fragments, then stuck back together again. Dreams? Bad dreams? Looking at Hanssons pictures is like floating in the in-between.
— Carl Abrahamsson tidningen Kulturen

The LOVE SONG show at NordinGallery in Stockholm and at Liljevalchs vårsalong 

About Love Song

Hansson pictures show a stumbling fascination with the travesty of an everyday life. The vain attempts to catch time as it passes has always been a central aspect of tradition in photography. So have all efforts to give subjective vision a form.

As Hansson adds elements to the images the altered picture could easily disorient the viewer. Instead the pictures appear strangely familiar. Somehow, the pictures address the difficulties of seeing life as it is, in this very moment. As if the photos remind us of how we, in grand scheme of things, tend to miss out. Still Hanssons pictures sets both a subtle humoristic as well as a narrative tone.

Hansson dosen´t like to think of his work as collages, instead he thinks of them as mute songs. As referring to the dynamic structure of a song, the altered picture takes on new meaning. The apparent disorder comes to mind and the consistent theme becomes time rather than subject. As every track changes the direction of the album, so does each picture.

The series, consisting of both old and new pictures, followingi it´s own independent timeline. Almost as if the time passed can be traced in the in-betweens.

LOVE SONG  installation sketch 

LOVE SONG  installation sketch 

Catalogue text by Swedish author Stefan Lindberg